Kuntz Nokota® Horse Ranch


Late in the 1970's, Leo Kuntz decided to buy a few wild horses captured from Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) purely out of curiosity.

The Kuntz family had always been horse people and competitors, and the robustness of these horses was both obvious and something they sought to cross into their ranch stock intended for Great American Horse Races.

image But the uniqueness went far beyond ruggedness, as soon proven by many more than just that first always reliable Nokota® who was named "Bad Toe" for a Native American friend. And the more they researched in an attempt to understand why these horses were so special, the more history, all the way back to the Natives of the Dakotas, they uncovered.

Yet TRNP continued to remove these horses, which Leo dubbed "Nokota®" in honor of their home, North Dakota. So the Kuntz family thought they could simply buy these horses a little time on their own ranch while petitioning TRNP to preserve them accordingly, and purchased many "Foundation" Nokotas® from the various roundup sales, even taking home every survivor from the 1986 round up. They never set out to save a breed or preserve living history, but that is where fate took them, and Leo is not a man to back down.

He is as enduring as these tough, trustworthy, hard working, and undemanding horses, all are always welcome to his ranch to see for themselves, and welcome to his ranch page where you can get a first taste of this passion, of why these horses are both his life's calling and his family.